Flying and Gliding

Air Experience Flying

Cadets in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets are given the opportunity to fly in light aircraft as well as occasionally being given the chance of flying in fast jet aircraft.Cadets are given plenty of opportunities to go flying at 7 Air Experience Flight (AEF) located at RAF Cranwell where they will fly the Grob Tutor and will be taught the basics of powered flight and then move onto to more advanced concepts such as aerobatics.

Cadets in the past have had opportunities to fly in Civil Airliners as well as large RAF aircraft, you may even be given the chance to fly in a fast jet; cadets have even flown with the Red Arrows in the past!


As with Flying, all cadets are given the opportunity to go gliding.

As with Flying cadets are given the opportunity to participate in Glider Training, even allowing them to fly solo and become qualified glider pilots.